The debut science fiction Novel by Coburn Hawk

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Who runs Purgatory?


There is a rebellion going on in the afterlife. It isn't really Heaven, but it isn't hell either. It's just... in-between. And it is here that the souls of earth find themselves when they die.

A man awakens moments after his death to find that both leaders in this cosmic conflict want to offer him a job. It seems, has some very special talents - talents he just can't seem to remember...

The Middle Man is a journey through a dreamscape of manifest imagination and shared creation, troubled souls and fellow travelers.

As he tries to recover the memories of his former lives, he learns the secrets that started the rebellion and the role he played over a thousand years ago. He may be the key to victory for whichever side he takes.


The afterlife will never be the same.


Some call it Purgatory, but the true nature of the place remains to be seen...